“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it does, you can bet it was planned that way. “

Financial Argument

The masterminded economic collapse of 2021 has just begun and the US debt will rise to at least $50 trillion. Because Biden’s genius economic team will try to close every hole at every level, from the minimum wage to bailing out big companies.

But unfortunately, they will not save this country by printing worthless money…

Biden called for trillions of dollars in support even before he officially took office. We already know what happens next. He said that if they don’t act now, the gap will get bigger and will be difficult to close. I think Biden’s dream is to print more money than any President ever. Will he be able to accomplish this? Absolutely …

The US is currently the country with the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression. The state, corporations and private households suffer from the heaviest debt burden of all time.

Infrastructure is collapsing, the middle class is driven to ruin by new measures, poverty and hunger are rising…

In this video, I started my analysis by talking about some interesting events that have been occurring all over the world. Then I talked about the big economic picture and how these all connect. By the end of the video, you should know who pressed which buttons and for what purpose.

Governments or government officials around the world are resigning one after another:
Italy, Netherlands, Estonia, and more

Interestingly, Chancellor Angela Merkel canceled all meetings and sessions.
Large-scale demonstrations were sparked almost all over the world:
France, India, Spain, Canada, Austria, Belgium…

the German Government is giving a message to the people of Germany: Obey, or else you will face consequences.

And let’s go inside the U.S., and then we’ll put all the pieces together and take a look at the bigger picture…

  • 00:00 | They pushed some buttons this week
  • 00:49 | Governments around the world are resigning one after another
  • 01:50 | Large-scale demonstrations were sparked almost all over the world
  • 02:58 | Let’s go inside the U.S.
  • 03:50 | “In politics, nothing happens by accident…”
  • 05:17 | The real powerhouse of the United States
  • 06:12 | Central banks’ future recovery options are exhausted
  • 08:20 | Burn the house first, then save the residents.
  • 09:13 | 1808-2008, The debt of The U.S. from $65 million to $10 trillion
  • 09:33 | Biden’s dream is to print more money than any President ever
  • 10:28 | in the coming months, you will see how quickly the economic problems will spread
  • 11:05 | Who ordered this preparation?

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