Please, someone, enlighten me as to why when the economic crash was so painful, Elon Musk increased his wealth by 413%. And somehow this is not considered a stock market bubble?
What exactly did the Tesla company produce during this time? Did they invent an invisibility potion I don’t know about?

Financial Argument

It is clear that this stock market bubble will survive until the next few months at most.

The U.S. economic crash is an inevitable reality. We know what will happen when the bubbles start bursting: Stock market crash!

This will be the worst market crash in history, and we must prepare !

In this video, I analyze the latest economic data and news and warn you about the upcoming stock market crash.

  • 00:00 | Your support is playing a huge role in keeping me alive
  • 01:04 | Recent economic data and news show that the U.S. economic crash is already in the works
  • 01:26 | U.S. bankruptcy cases jumped to the highest level since the 2008 financial crisis
  • 02:05 | Free money can do nothing but make things worse
  • 03:05 | The non-farm payroll data on U.S. employees has been looking worse since March
  • 03:39 | We are also in a deep commercial real estate crash
  • 05:05 | It’s only a matter of time until the stock market bubble burst
  • 05:31 | When the Tesla bubble bursts, the whole stock market bubble will burst
  • 06:28 | Jeremy Grantham is right about his stock market crash predictions
  • 08:25 | Hold onto your precious metals (silver, gold, and maybe bitcoin)
  • 08:55 | The trillion-dollar pie

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