If an economy is lying about inflation, that means the entire system is based on lies… GOD BLESS Y’ALL!

Financial Argument

There is no doubt that the US economy is in hot water. As more Americans feel the hit on their wallets, they begin to open their eyes to the situation.

What is happening before our very eyes is so devastating that I find it difficult to put a name to it. This is beyond the financial crises we have experienced in the past. Even if I refer to what is happening as an economic collapse, it still doesn’t completely describe it.

Skyrocketing gas prices across the country, record-breaking lumber prices, and more. All are warning signs of a major inflationary scourge, perhaps historic hyperinflation that will come upon us. One of the places we will see the results of this toxic economic inflation will be the supermarkets. High food prices, which will soon increase, even more, will bring palpable shocks to unprepared Americans.

Besides all this, another danger I see is a nation that has become almost addicted to stimulus checks. It is very scary. As I said, this is all happening before our very eyes, so please take it seriously, folks. Take it very seriously!
What we are seeing is just the beginning. The deep cracks in the U.S. economy, which I will explain in today’s Financial Argument video, are just the beginning and are already starting to change many American people’s living standards.

  • 00:00 | The U.S. Economy Broke
  • 01:36 | The Entire Economic System Is Based On Lies
  • 02:30 | The real inflation rate in America
  • 03:43 | The U.S. economy actually hasn’t grown since the 2000
  • 04:02 | The US dollar has lost 97% of its purchasing power
  • 05:06 | Most Americans are unaware
  • 07:04 | The rising gas prices all over the US
  • 07:54 | The enormous increase in lumber prices 180%
  • 08:44 | 45 trillion dollars were stolen almost silently from our pockets
  • 09:11 | This is why so many Americans bought guns in record numbers
  • 10:16 | The Standard of Living of Many Americans Will Change Painfully

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