So how do we protect ourselves and our loved ones from the high inflation heading towards us, and possible hyperinflation? Limited assets that do not rely on any central authority other than God–physical silver in one hand, physical gold in the other hand, and perhaps some bitcoin in your front pockets. God bless y’all !

Financial Argument

With the planned inflation by our government, I believe the dark clouds I see on the horizon for the USA will soon spread to other world economies. Even worse, as I’ll explain in this video, similar factors that caused the Weimar hyperinflation are occurring in the United States today. Moreover, there are so many direct and indirect causes present that can trigger hyperinflation that the situation looks very serious.

I have reviewed the report provided by Bank Of America’s Chief Investment Strategist, Michael Hartnett, and I share his views that #inflation is facing us. More importantly, history shows us that #hyperinflation has a strong possibility of looking like the one in Weimar, Germany, in 1923.

Michael Hartnett has been warning us that inflation is inevitable, and he believes the way this will unfold is “the velocity of people will rise” and” the velocity of money will rise.”

Apart from Bank of America, another person who thinks like me is Michael Burry. Michael Burry said to consider Triffin’s Dilemma as China’s GDP surpasses that of the U.S., and our debt forces the dollar to lose value faster than others. He likened the global fiat system to the Flying Dutchman, tweeting that it must have a captain, no matter how heartless the transition. His views on the Chinese economy are consistent with mine, and I believe he is correct.

I started the video with the Bank Of America report because Michael Burry announced his estimates based on this report one week after this report was published. I also think that he already had these thoughts, but the report confirmed it and played a part in his decision to tweet about it.

The most important part of the report is where they share the pre and post hyperinflation data of Weimar, Germany.

It’s easy to say that all world economies will face hyperinflation after seeing the madness overcoming central banks, who print increasing amounts of money. The Bank of Japan increased 130%. The Fed increased from 20% to 30%. ECB rose to 60%. Here again, PBOC (The People’s Bank of China) draws attention. Even if they print money, their increased production capacity offsets it, so their figures gradually decrease. This will be a huge advantage for China as the whole world experiences hyperinflation.

  • 00:00 | Inflation is like sin…
  • 01:03 | The planned inflation by our government…
  • 01:33 | Bank Of America’s Report: inflation is facing us
  • 03:20 | Hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic: The similarities between what is happening now
  • 04:00 | “Cassandra” Michael Burry Warns America: Weimar Hyperinflation Is Coming
  • 04:25 | Burry mentioned Triffin Dilemma
  • 05:10 | German Mark could not prevent hyperinflation from rearing its ugly head
  • 05:45 | The US Government is inviting inflation
  • 06:40 | The pre and post hyperinflation data of Weimar, Germany
  • 07:36 | We have been printing money since 2008, but nothing happens
  • 08:43 | Hyperinflation in the UK, Australia, Canada & the U.S.
  • 09:03 | All world economies will face hyperinflation
  • 09:38 | The possibility of hyperinflation everywhere
  • 10:21 | How To Protect Yourself Against Impending Inflation and possible hyperinflation

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