Economic Collapse

Rising Inequality and Hunger Crisis But Billionaire Wealth Continues to Grow


The end result of this crash may be starvation for some. Since February, one out of every four Americans has gone to a food bank or skipped meals due to a lack of money?. But there are some people who’ve added millions or even billions to their fortunes, meaning not only that they are NOT affected, BUT they’ve made even more money while the rest of us are suffering. The intent of this video isn’t to blame billionaires. But in a situation where ordinary people have already started going hunger crisis. We have to examine the roots of our current problems and discuss the billionaires who have added about half a trillion dollars to their wealth because this is the Financial Argument channel. In this video, I am going to share several crucial facts with you regarding rising Inequality and starvation in the United States and the world. I work hard to present you with the real facts. Therefore, I thank you for your support of the Financial Argument. If you have questions regarding any subject related to the current crash, please ask it in the comments section…

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