The Global Currency Reset Is Happening !! Stock Market Crash Is Inescapable – Episode 3


The global currency reset is currently underway. A stock market crash is inescapable and approaching quickly. It’s becoming increasingly clear that there will be no need for stock markets in the future. But what will our worldwide economic transformation look like, exactly?

Fast forward to the spring of 2020. The U.S. is strapped with debts, unfunded liabilities, and derivatives totaling around $2.5 quadrillion. It is almost 30 times the Global GDP (Gross Domestic Product)

First of all, this change is nothing to fear. But, we must be careful !!! The current economic collapse and recession actually started last September with the start of the repo crisis.

In fact, many nations made preparations for the coming global currency reset. Russia, China, India, Mexico, Serbia, Turkey, Singapore, UK and more…

While it’s perhaps not common knowledge, President Trump has long been a believer in the Gold Standard and Trump’s Federal Reserve nominee Judy Shelton has long advocated for a return to the Gold Standard.

All too soon will come pressures on our currency systems. All currencies will be debased. They will reach their intrinsic value of zero, though not quite at the same time, as central banks collectively flood the system with unlimited amounts of money.

The US Dollar will collapse soon, hyperinflation will follow, and then an economic collapse and the death of our fiat currency system.

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