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Food Shortages At The Food Banks: Is The US On The Verge Of A Hunger Crisis?


For now, everything is relatively peaceful, calm, and collected despite these hard times. The breadlines are holding, and some American families are starting to get their stimulus checks. But what happens when the food runs out and the hunger pangs kick in?

No matter what happens, the following will be key moving forward: gold and silver, handyman skills, and home gardening.

In certain places, the breadlines are getting especially long:

– the Duquesne, Pennsylvania food bank

– South Florida Food Bank located in Broward County

– San Antonio Food Bank located in San Antonio, Texas

– Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

– North Hollywood Food Bank

– the Pittsburgh food bank

and more…

In this video, we discuss how food banks across the U.S. are working above capacity amidst 22 million unemployment claims and whether this will lead to a hunger crisis or social unrest.

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