Many wonder if last weekend’s bitcoin crash signals a buying opportunity for those who missed the boat and don’t want to buy at high prices. Or, does this mark an end to the short-lived glory of Bitcoin? I will discuss all of this.

Financial Argument

In this video, I will discuss the Bitcoin crash, outlining some of the factors that may have contributed to the sharp decline, including technical reasons. Then I will continue my analysis by touching on what may happen next.

There was a massively sharp decline in Bitcoin this weekend, which doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering there’s been much speculation around when this will eventually happen. Along with Bitcoin, almost all altcoins shared the same fate, quickly dropping in value.

  • 00:00 | Massively sharp decline in Bitcoin
  • 01:05 | Bitcoin lost close to 15% overnight
  • 02:05 | Turkey Bans Bitcoin & Crypto
  • 03:57 | FUD news causes such declines in Bitcoin
  • 04:26 | A single tweet just wiped $288 Billion
  • 04:58 | Coal plants in Xinjiang caused the 49% decline in Bitcoin’s Hashrate
  • 05:20 | Bitcoin price and hash rate have always been correlated
  • 06:58 | Bitcoin next move
  • 09:28 | Bitcoin price predictions

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