About Financial Argument

Hello, folks, and welcome. In order for you to understand who I am, it is easier for me to tell you who I am NOT and whose side I am NOT on. If I tell you whose side I’m not on, I’ll be telling you who I am.


I am not on the side of the Central Bank that was shut down by President Andrew Jackson for favoring the elites and acting against the interests of the American people. (It is worth remembering that after this shutdown, an assassination attempt was made on Andrew Jackson on January 30, 1835, and he was the first American president to be assassinated.)


I am not on the side of those who abandoned the gold standard, turned to the fiat money system, and caused the US dollar to lose its value day by day.


I am not on the side of the corrupt and failed financial system that swept the effects of the 2008 financial crisis under the rug and saved zombie companies by printing trillions of dollars in free money just to protect and increase their own wealth.

repo-crisisI am not on the side of those who do not mention the 2019 repo crisis and say that the Covid-19 that emerged a few months later is the source of all economic problems. I am not on the side of those who transfer trillions of dollars of free money to the market in a way unprecedented in history, those who inflate the stock market bubble, and those who multiply the fortunes of millionaires and billionaires, making ordinary people poorer.


I am not with those who produce fake numbers, hide the real inflation rates, unemployment rate, and GDP rate for years with calculation tricks.


I’m not on the side of those who don’t realize or don’t want to realize that China’s economic and political powers have been against the interests of the American citizens for years- and that they are among those who will gladly watch our great civilization disappear when it’s too late for us.


I’m not on the side of those who are too blind to realize that China has detected weakness in our food supply chain and- like any commodity, can infiltrate, manipulate, and weaponize it.


I am not on the side of a global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that rob our working class and our country’s wealth, who put money into the pockets of a handful of big corporations and political entities and add trillions of dollars to the US national debt every year- leaving the American citizens to pay it.


I am not on the side of economists and media corporations who present the economy as something too complex for ordinary citizens to understand, whose wallets are funded by the corrupt global economic order, whose fancy offices in skyscrapers serve no other purpose than to keep the masses asleep and allow the market bubbles to continue to inflate.


Whether you are white or black, Democrat or Republican is irrelevant. This is a struggle for survival for all of us, which is why I’ve been working to share honest and unfiltered economic news on the Financial Argument YouTube channel since 2017. Despite seeing my videos banned many times for no reason- even though I’m not funded by any lobby or political institution, other than a handful of people who support me on Patreon, I continue.

It’s unfortunate to see that most American citizens are completely unprepared and vulnerable to what’s ahead. Many are quite certain that everything will somehow work out, and they will always have access to everything they need- that they will never see empty grocery stores.


Reality will only hit them when they realize their dollars have become worthless pieces of paper in their pockets and nothing more. When that day comes, and all they see is empty shelves in the markets and hungry children, it will be too late. This is why I continuously warn you- BE PREPARED NOW.

The current corrupt order does not allow us to act as a collective. We have witnessed them working to prevent this many times. It is up to us to make individual preparations for ourselves, our families, and our loved ones.

If you are tired of the lies the media pumps out 24/7 and economic YouTube channels that lack depth and have turned into video uploading machines to generate revenue, follow the Financial Argument channel. I consider it my duty to inform you of the truth. My purpose on the Financial Argument is to bring you unbiased, well-researched, and coherent economic news. I invite you to join us and be prepared for the unknown.

Remember, when they make you believe that the worst is over, know that the worst is yet to come!

I hope you understand who I am now.

God bless you all!