Everything will either get worse or much worse. The ship’s already started taking on water and it’s sinking.

Financial Argument

Trillions of dollars from the Fed wouldn’t be enough to cover the gaping holes, even if it cared about the ship sinking!

Honestly, it doesn’t really matter who the president is; all you need to know is that nothing will save our economy. Were you hoping for a hero, maybe some kind of economic superman? Sorry, that’s not going to happen.

In addition, another issue that needs attention is the “Great Reset,” a concept created and developed by the World Economic Forum. While first proposed in 2016, the idea seems to have gained ground during the current public health crisis.

If you’ve been following my channel for a while, you already know that I believe our economy is broken. I’ve talked about a number of issues growing public debt, rising unemployment, and so on – but the Great Reset’s apparent reliance on “large-scale spending programs” that governments have created in response to the current context is a real issue. Printing more money isn’t going to solve these problems and may even speed up our economic collapse.

I’m not going to debate what should or shouldn’t be a political priority. I am far more concerned that the unlimited printing of money to pay for various proposals will provide us with the same economic collapse the Roman Empire experienced due to harmful economic policies that included everything from the limitation of gold and silver resources to debasing the currency!

Nearly everything we’ve seen so far this year – including the economic, social, and political turmoil – has just been a dress rehearsal for what’s coming. So be vigilant, hold onto your metals, and get ready for a dark winter.

  • 00:35 | The main problem is the corrupt financial system
  • 01:42 | Everything will either get worse or much worse
  • 02:09 | Trump vs The Fed
  • 03:35 | Control of the senate will be a key factor
  • 04:05 | Emergency Economic Stabilization Act
  • 05:00 | The Great Reset
  • 05:53 | IMF Learning Coin
  • 07:28 | The Green New Deal fantasy
  • 08:28 | Biden’s Budget Plan
  • 09:11 | The U.S. has both a foreign trade deficit and a budget deficit
  • 10:12 | The U.S. debt to GDP ratio is 107%
  • 10:40 | MMT (modern monetary theory)
  • 11:22 | Get ready for a dark winter

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